FLCL Remake


Project info

Have been doing anime remakes for a while now, mainly Studio Ghibli movies, but wanted to branch out and try different styles and complexities over a range of various series/movies.

Yes, I'm obsessed with Japan, I love their culture, communities and traditions. True craftmenship (Or craftwomenship... craftneutralship... err...) over anything they create.

I grew up through the 90's watching underground Japanese animation and just before the millenium hit, FLCL was born.

A complete bonkers story, with a bonkers cast, a bonkers animation style mixing anime with manga, with parodies of South Park and a highly bonkers sense of humour. Not to mention robots. I love robots.

I really enjoyed this series when I was younger, so I thought it would be fitting to bring to life as a remake. From shiny Vespa's to an old dirt bike I built a few years ago that finally came in handy. Enjoyed doing this more stylised piece, felt more graphical, which was fitting for the original anime.

Hope you like it and thanks for looking!

You can see more at http://instagram.com/ngon.co.uk/
Or, http://ngon.co.uk