Victorian playing cards - Steampunk edition


Project info


The Victorian playing cards Steampunk edition deck is a new design based on the previous sucessful Victorian campaign. It is composed of fifty two cards and two jokers. The project main idea is to replace the traditional court cards by symbols: scepter for the king, rose for the queen and pistol for the jack. Other cards stays as usual. The main colors of the indexes are gold for the red and dark brown for the blacks. The cards are mirrored so they look the same upside down with subtle differences.

The back of the cards is a complex design of pipes and light bulbs which are typically steampunk elements. The back is more a decorative image than a symbolic one. It's also perfectly symmetrical.

The deck is coming in two versions. The difference is not only in the color of the tuck - GOLD or SILVER, but also in the design for aces and jokers (that will be revealed during the campaign).

The following features will be on the standard deck.
•    52 cards and 2 jokers
•    High-quality priting on cards, 310 gsm premium German linen card stock
•    Printed by NPCC
•    Embossing on tuck
•    Gold or silver foil on tuck
•    Inner printing on tuck