InfusionPro Kitchen Fruit Slicer 3D Model and Render

Angus Hume

Project info

This recent project required me to model the fruit slicer from photo reference, then create sliced versions of stock fruit models. The slicer cuts fruit in a specific way, which were not available as 3d models. I purchased decent models of the whole fruit then used MOP Booleans to cut the fruit while retaining the skin UVs, although most UVs still required some repair on the edges. To complete the cut surfaces I purchased stock imagery of fruit then used Photoshop's puppet warp tool to push the images to fit the exported surface UVs. The fruit of course is not perfectly round so, for instance, every apple slice is a different shape and had a different image manipulation. While the orange I was able to get away with a common UV for all slices. The final scene was rendered in Vray Next to fit with existing products.